Randall K. Roberts

Randall K. Roberts Photography customer comments

Comments from satisfied customers

"As a writer, I feel my heart tug toward photographs that conjure some sense of mystery or suggest a memory or in some way leave me wanting to pick up a pen and try to scratch out a poem. Randall's images do that for me so strongly that they create a conundrum: How many can I afford and how many walls do I have left to hang them on?

His image of a lone tree on a prairie reminds me of my Kansas childhood, of my long drives across Colorado as an adult, and of something illusive and wonderful just beyond my grasp. It tells a story, it leaves an emotion and, yes, it hangs on one of those walls of mine. "

— Kate Nelson
Placitas, New Mexico

"Horses running toward me while kicking up dust seem to be galloping right out of our living room wall.  In another photo horses tear across a sage-covered mesa, and this hangs in our home between two windows, helping bring the feel of the outdoors into the room."

— Deanna McMain
Albuquerque, New Mexico